A company that realizes a customer's dream
one that is a customer's dream.


"BEST Quality"

The highest quality is the best service!
Jakang produces and distributes the best products through the introduction and maintenance of advanced facilities.

Facility Type BOPP(1 line) BOPA(2 lines) LLDPE(10 lines) Industrial MONO (3lines) Industrial 3-layer Agricultural Large Width System Agricultural Small Width System (5lines)
Production 900mt/month 750mt/month 1000mt/month 200mt/month 100mt/month 400mt/month 200mt/month
Producible Width 400mm~2000mm 450mm~1800mm 400mm~1500mm Fold Width 200cm Fold Width 160cm Fold Width 6m Fold Width 270cm
Thickness 12~50um 12,15,25um 30~150um 30~150um 30~150um 50~150um 20~150um
Remark Negotiable for 400mm or less Negotiable for 450mm or less - Color negotiable Color negotiable Color negotiable Color negotiable

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