A company that realizes a customer's dream
one that is a customer's dream.

Company Motto

“AHA Spirit”

AHA refers to the Jakang motto, mindset and attitude.

  • Accountability

    Accountability’ means the fulfillment of our duties and responsibilities as a member of Jakang and our devotion to the company and our society.
    We take care of our duties according to the company’s values and priority with the belief that each of us represents JK Materials.

  • Harmony

    Harmony’ starts with the understanding of one’s differences from others.
    It is a driving force for productive teamwork with an attitude of caring, encouraging and leading. No organization could possibly display its core competence properly without unity or harmony. It is the attitude of cooperation and harmonizing to achieve the goal based on trust and belief in other members. In addition, harmony also represents the improvement of a community spirit for assimilation and co-prosperity with society.

  • Accountability

    Advancement’ refers to an attitude that leads change.
    It is a joint management mode which contemplates current issues in advancement and seeks answers through collaboration. Through this process, we grow into forerunners who create new values