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BOPABiaxially Oriented Polyamide Film

With great gas-blocking and nontoxic properties and low deformation at high/low temperature, nylon film is commonly used in food packing. In particular, it is widely applied to various fields where low gas permeability is utilized in addition to medicine packing and a retort pouch which requires high-temperature sterilization with great heat resistance.


  • Great heat resistance
  • Less deformable at high/low temperature
  • Nontoxic to human health
  • High transparency and high gloss


  • Retort food
  • Ham, sausage, rice, grain
  • Frozen food, oil and cheese packing
  • Vacuum packing

Application field

Operation processBOPA Line Work Flow

Products list

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Classification Usage Thickness(㎛) Length(m) Corona treatment Property
General printing

Vacuum packed food, Frozened food, Refil pouch, Baloon, Metallic yarn

12 6,000 One side View
12 6,000 Both side View
15 6,000 One side View
15 6,000 Both side View
Pharmaceutical uses Drug package 25 4,000 One side View
AIR-CUSHION AIR-CUSHION용 15 6,000 One side View
15 6,000 Both side View