Industrial Shrink film

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LDPEShirink Film

Shrink film is convenient in packing products with irregular shapes and uneven surface. It is widely used in packing industrial, food and agricultural products to enhance their values.
With high tear and impact strength, in addition, assemble packaging and high-speed auto-packaging are enabled. With great flexibility, cold-resistance and physical properties, it is widely used as a wrapping material.


Thickness(mm) Width(cm) shrinkage(%) Length(m)
0.04~0.07 25~190 60~80(MD) 500~5,000


Category Unit Specifications Test Method
Thickness mm 0.05 ASTM D734
Haze % 10 ASTM D1003
Gloss % 60 ASTM D2457
    MD TD  
Elogation % 400 550 ASTM D882
Tensile strength kgf/cm2 300 260 ASTM D882
Shirinkage % 65~75 5~10 130°C glycerine 20-second deposition